3 Common Accounting Errors and Ways to Prevent Them

Accounting Errors

Accounting is a crucial part of every business. Even one small mistake can lead to a huge problem. A well-maintained book of accounts can help you navigate your finances, plan a budget and future goals and help with taxation. Hence, it is essential to enter accurate data into your accounts. Here are three common accounting errors and ways to prevent them. 

Error in Data Entry

When you enter the data in the wrong category, it is known as a data entry error. Some common data entry mistakes include treating expenses as income or vice versa, entering data in the wrong account, adding or leaving out a digit, etc.

Prevention: Carry Out Data Entry Accuracy Training

Ensure you train your staff about accurate data entry. Take the time to explain your data entry system to them to avoid mistakes. Be certain they understand the accounts and descriptions well. Nowadays, there are even software programs that offer data entry training. 

Error of Omission

It means that an item has not been recorded. Sometimes with work overload, we miss a few things. For instance, an invoice has been paid, but the employee failed to note it, or you have made a purchase but have forgotten to record it. One of the other reasons why an error of omission happens is when you misplace a receipt or invoice; hence you fail to record it in your accounts.

Prevention: Do Not Overload Your Employees

Staff members with an excessive workload can easily make accounting errors. Ensure your finance team isn’t burdened with work and that there are enough members on the team to stay up-to-date with the current accounting. Additionally, think of ways to create an efficient working process, like by integrating software to import data into the accounting system.

Error of Commission

It happens when one records the data in the wrong place. For example, you must have noted the right price but recorded it in the wrong account, or you received an invoice from person A but drafted a receipt in the name of person B.

Prevention: Update Your Accounting Software

Ensure that your team uses the latest version of your accounting software to receive accurate data. Technology is continually and rapidly improving, which means the chances of causing an error decrease. Remember, some software updates automatically, while some need to be purchased every few years. 

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